An initiative that explores the full power of media in making change. In a new Middle East era, with new dynamic cyberspace, artistic expression will emerge as more effective than traditional weapons, house [B] studio aims to investigate new pioneering grounds where individual talent can be taken to an exciting edge.

Works will venture into alleys of less familiar social issues, using direct encounter with the reality and dreams of people on the margin. Creative projects will also work on experimental video art, music, photography and conceptual art that may find untraditional new ways expression.
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house [B] studio provides the following:



- Video production: A-Z commercial and artistic.

- Photography production: A-Z commercial and artistic. 

- Music and sound design.

- Drone operating.

- Architecture.

- Interior and graphic design.

- Creating and managing art projects.

- Art consultancy.

- Art research.


- Videography, drone operating, photography and digital art production.

- Music, sound design and sound engineering.